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G. Force 3 – farmers reap the benefit of harvesting Akshata Rice

The Akshata  family consists of  200 Farmers divided into clusters representing hundreds of acres of fertile paddy land. Akshata  works directly with the farmer providing them the seeds, compost organic  fertilizer, technical know-how on sustainable farming and the use of alternatives to hazardous chemicals while purchasing the paddy at three times the price of the normal hybrid varieties of rice.

this brought prosperity to many of our clusters and attracted a younger generation of farmer which is our most proudest achievement.

below our some of our farmers views;

  1. Sanjeewa – thanks Akshata for its support and strength
  2. Ruwan – a modern day farmer is proud of what he does
  3. Sampath – went against 2 generations of farming Chemically induced hybrid rice to the Akshata Traditioanl rice and says its the best decision of his life
  4. Ariyapala – growing Akshata Suwandel changes my life !