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Help a Farmer

Land is an emotional subject with a farmer in Sri Lanka because it is his only means of income.

with over 1.5 million farmers  living below the poverty line it seems unfair that those who toil to feed us live on less than 2 dollars a day and cannot even afford to plug the holes in their tin roofs on a rainy day.

Our farmers in the north are the most destitute..they lost their homes, they lost their fields, they  lost their Kith or Kin who help them farm, they lost their cattle who ploughed their fields, they lost their cutting machines & their Harrows, and now they have lost their dignity and sold their self respect to the Loan Sharks….

listen to  their stories below and please join our endeavour, you can help by purchasing their produce, networking with your contacts  or by making a donation…WhatsApp  us on +94 77 244 8444

 we at Akshata have steadily increased the lively hood of many of our cluster communities which are registered as green force one , two, three etc.  below our some of our poorest farmers belonging to the Green Force 4 Cluster who we hope to gradually elevate from their annual income of less than 600 dollars to over 2,000 dollars.