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We are the  Sri Lankan  supermarket leader in Suwandal based Heirloom Rice Snacks and Traditional Rice Verities which are Non-Genetically modified. A significant feature of our Rice  Products are that they have a  low-glycemic  index while being rich in antioxidant’s,  we are also a major force in the Rice Noodles and Natural Energy beverage market , added to this  is our enviable position in the King Coconut, Strawberry  Jam & Spice business.

Our Colorful collection of Rice  has been recommended for not only prevention of illnesses but as a cure, the “CharakaSamhitha” (the oldest of the three surviving Ayurveda treatises) and the “SushrutaSamhitha” clearly mentions the therapeutic value of traditional rice verities.


Hence we  are Proud to introduce to the World this exciting ensemble of exceptional pure Sri Lankan Rice comprising a variety of very rare indigenous grains from depths of Sri Lanka rich in Heritage and  cultivated for over a 2,000 years, these grains have been nurtured and preserved from a remnant of a glorious time long past. These were the  “super food” of our aristocracy  who revered it for its nutritional content, Rich Flavour, Textual Integrity, Medicinal properties, appearance, aroma and of course Taste..!!

According to documentary evidence, Sri Lanka had Rice Cultivations as early as 800 B.C.,This is further reflected by the construction of massive irrigation structures, reservoirs, interconnected canals since 390 B.C., The Rice cultivation was not only an economic activity but a way of Life


Once, renowned as the granary of the east: offered more than 2000 indigenous rice varieties to the rest of the world.  Rice cultivation in Sri Lanka used to be sacred and well thought out but the European Occupation of over 400 years savagely effected the Traditions with emphasis on plantation crops and rice was genetically modified to increase yield and Profits making it  depended on  chemical fertilizer.

roshan perera-traditional sri lankan rice-suwandel-suwandal-kuruluthuda-pachchpaperumal-kaluheenati-akshata-farmers-srilankanrice (4)

Suwandal, Kuruluthuda, Pachchaperumal, Kaluheenati, Traditional Sri Lankan Rice (1)

Fortunately some Temples deep in the North Central Province and a few farming communities managed to preserve some of these precious grains and with the  current trend of global awareness of the benefits of eating Healthy food and the dangers of using chemical fertilizer and pesticides…these Heirloom  Rice verities are  gradually making a come-back, and rightly so… considering the longevity and the fitness of our ancestors.